Written artifacts like memos, dossiers, and playbooks are ways to force clear, concise thinking and share with anyone.

Founders spend a lot of time repeating their narrative and providing context to prospective employees, consultants, vendors, advisors, etc.

As the tech world adopts more asynchronous communication, a company dossier can bring new people up to speed faster and with more consistency. The content itself may vary from company to company and will evolve through time but a great way to scale a founder’s time.

Here’s an example table of contents:

Company Overview
- What is your company building and why?
- What's…

Sung Ho Choi is the cofounder of fuboTV and an early LP in CoFound Partners.

fuboTV is a live TV streaming platform targeting families who want to cut the cord from traditional TV viewing. fuboTV started as Netflix for soccer but since then has expanded to all sports plus news, popular shows and movies to provide a holistic TV streaming platform. Unlike other similar services, fuboTV builds its tech stack in-house and is focused on building a premium viewing experience with differentiated product features like 4k streaming.

Launched to consumers in 2015, fuboTV now has over 250+ employees and raised…

We are excited to launch our Founders Spotlight series, starting with ChartHop! After joining the early beta in May 2019, we invested in their Seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

We sat down with Ian White, founder, CEO and CTO of ChartHop who recently announced its Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Prior to ChartHop, Ian was the founder and CTO of Sailthru and before that, he was the first head of engineering at Business Insider.

Through these experiences, Ian felt the pains of manual people planning and building teams. …

CoFound is an early-stage venture firm helping founders build a repeatable sales motion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build sustainable high growth businesses.

We are a group of engineers and operators that have helped 500+ companies scale their revenue function. Once we invest, we help founders GTM, transition from founder-led sales, and accelerate revenue growth.

Our Focus

We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage B2B startups, often alongside leading institutions. Our key areas of focus are: Enterprise SaaS, Healthcare, FinTech, and Marketplaces. We do not lead rounds but are often one of the first checks.

Post investment, we provide tactical support in…

CoFound Partners

CoFound is an early stage venture firm helping founders build a repeatable sales motion.

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